10 Marketing Tips for E-commerce Resellers

July 03, 2021 3 min read

As e-businesses continue to grow, many people are switching to e-commerce and joining the reselling bandwagon. Even with just a little profit, people see how online resellers can make it work out, and thus, more individuals get engaged in being an e-commerce reseller.

But the common question of first-time resellers is how do they effectively promote their business? Or how do they reach their target consumers?

Check out these marketing tips for upscaling online marketing.

Inform customers with new products

It is always the first step which is the hardest step when trying something new. Once resellers succeed in gaining customers, this can lead to having regular and new buyers. Giving them updates for upcoming and latest products can give them new options to purchase. This leads resellers to more sales.

Provide clear and inviting photos

Visuals always engage people and increase their curiosity. It is one of the efficient strategies in e-commerce. Digital posters should be something that show how beautiful and interesting the products are. Combined with a creative layout, they can surely draw the crowd’s attention.

Let one’s creativity flow

Creativity is not just shown through pictures of products and interesting posters. Other resellers add freebies to their products before shipping it. Some compile photos or prepare videos and post it to social media. Be sure to find ways on how to efficiently promote products and make them worth the buyers’ online money.

Be updated on current trends

We always observe changes happen every day and it also affects business demands. Increased business demands may lead to more tasks to handle. Even with these increasing demands, be sure to know what’s in and what’s new in the business. Trends can help connect with its target audience and gain sales. Being updated can also result in being ahead in the e-commerce game.

Stay active in and out the social media

Resellers may encounter buyers of different ages. Surely, some of them are informed of the products via social media, while some are through friends’ recommendations. Remember to be active when reaching out to your target consumers. Be ready with potential buyers whether in and out the social media.

Prepare efficient answers for FAQs

First-time buyers ask questions to the resellers about further product’s information. Certainly they would ask similar questions. Accommodate them by being active and providing them with honest and efficient information. Some resellers may provide message box and FAQs section on their pages and websites so that it will be easier for consumers to find answers.

Create blog posts for the audience

Making blog posts in social media platforms can also help in building interaction within current and future buyers. It shows how e-commerce resellers can manage everything while being engaged to online business. Blog posts give readers new ideas and relatable contents that may show how active and how good the reseller is.

Put for effective keywords

Certainly buyers search for their desired products on the internet or online stores by means of typing a product’s name. Then they open any website or store they see and check out if they have what they could be looking for. One efficient strategy for ecommerce SEO is to search for keywords that buyers usually type when searching for similar products. Resellers should take note of putting possible keywords on their product’s name and description so that it can be seen by potential buyers.

Ask for future preferences

Being updated to current trends may not be enough in gaining more sales. It is also significant to know what the buyers may wish to have and purchase in the future. This will give the idea to resellers on what to prepare and to promote in the future.

Gather customer testimonials

Some buyers fear purchasing from a store especially if it’s their first time. One way to encourage them is by providing positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This will help build the trust and interaction in between the buyer and seller. Aside from it, testimonials help in inviting more people to try out the products.

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