How to Find A Legitimate Shopify Supplier?

April 17, 2021 1 min read

Success in amazon reselling doesn’t only rely on your products but also on the sources of the items you sell. You have to choose a reliable supplier because it’s your reputation as a business owner that lies here. It may take you a while before you’re able to land at a best choice. Here are some of the tips you can try to incorporate on your supplier research method. 

Start with Google

You can actually find a reliable supplier you can trust from Google if you know how to use the right keywords. Google will give you a list and it’s going to be you who will evaluate their credentials. 


If you’re willing to pay a bit, the best way to find a credible supplier is through directories. You’ll get a chance to browse through the list of all the registered suppliers for your niche.  

Trade Shows

At least once in a year, there are trade shows being held and participated by hundreds of suppliers coming from different industries. You can try to go here and have leave your business cards on your prospects.

B2B Market

If you got no luck in signing a contract with a credible supplier, you can try finding great deals in B2B markets. You can buy your desired product here at a lower and profitable price. 


It may seem a handful looking how the processes are done in reselling. But if you go through it with a little more patient, you can surely reap success in the end. Abundant Times is readily available to help you. for details.  

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