How to Save Your Reselling Business from Online Money Scam?

July 18, 2021 3 min read

As more entrepreneurs get engaged with e-commerce, particularly with reselling business, they rely mostly on the internet and on social media sites to promote their business. However, being connected to the target audience on the internet may also lead to becoming targets of online money scams.

What is Online Money Scam?

It is a type of online fraud that has been common nowadays. An individual or group of scammers target e-commerce, such as reselling businesses. Some of them create fake accounts on social media sites and message the reseller. Those who become victims of fraud could be robbed of large amounts of money which cause great loss for the victims.

How to Avoid Being an Online Scam Victim?

Being an entrepreneur is surely stressful work. Aside from handling shipping and transactions, another task to do is to stay updated in and out of the internet. As the business grows, safety against scams and other cybercrimes should be of utmost importance too. Here are four simple ways you can avoid online money scams and save your reselling business.

Stay Informed

Since social media is a very effective platform to provide awareness for users, you should use it to gather updates about online scams. Entrepreneurs in the same platform share experiences and tips on how to avoid being victims of cybercrimes. Currently, technology gets more advanced than before and scammers find new ways on how to rob money. You may also search about the current tactics that scammers do, so you can also find ways of dealing with it.

Recognize Customers

Some entrepreneurs share their stories online about scams, and they inform other people of the criminals that they might encounter. Many fake customers nowadays create fake accounts to hide their identities from the target victim. As an online reseller, you would avoid doing transactions with them. If you are meeting new customers, you may check their profiles online. You may also ask few information about them from your mutual friends if there is any, or from regular customers that they personally know. If you think the customer is suspicious, you may choose to cancel your transaction with him or her.

Check Invoices and Payments

Products and services from e-business can now be paid through online transactions. Resellers may ask for proofs of online payments, such as photos or screenshots, to validate the transaction before shipping the ordered products. However, cybercriminals try to copy these proofs and edit the provided information to trick the reseller for the online payment. There could be several ways to ensure the transactions. One is to gather the proofs sent to you by your customers and use it to compare the photos sent for new orders. If photos are sent as proofs, check for any possible erasures. Also, do some research about current payment platforms that provide secure services.

Protect Your Personal Information

As a business owner, you provide your contact information with your customers to establish easier connections. A friendly reminder, beware of sharing your information. Some scammers use it to hack your account and rob your money. Limit the information you provide by giving only basic contact information, such as contact number and email. Secure your social media accounts and Wi-Fi network with stronger passwords. Do not provide too much personal information to your customers. If you are doing cashless transactions thru bank accounts, be sure to know your customer first before putting your trust in the shared information. If you become a victim, report it to the proper authorities so they can act quickly.

Have a Safe and Secure Business

People would always want to have a smooth business transaction with the sellers and buyers. May tasks and activities become online today, which required businesses to shift into the e-commerce movement. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, always choose to be honest and be safe from any unwanted problems. Stay updated and avoid being a victim of an online money scam.

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