Top 10 Reasons of Skin Itching and How to Avoid It

October 03, 2021 2 min read

Stop panicking with skin itching! There are many reasons why your skin itches. It might happen so suddenly or due to skin reactions from the surrounding. When you are suffering from skin itching, mosquito bites, chickenpox, or other plants are not the sole reason for having such. You can also feel an intense itchy feeling even when you don't see any rashes on your skin.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your skin itches and how you can prevent that from occurring.

Very dry skin.Too much dryness of the skin can cause irritation.

Insect Bites.Insects such as mosquitoes and bugs can give you an itchy feeling which might bother you for a while or even for long.

Skin Disorder.Consult a professional dermatologist for there are various skin conditions related to itching.

Warning symptoms of a disease.If you are experiencing a long-lasting itch, this might be a sign of various diseases like blood disease, diabetes, and others.

Allergic Reaction.As we are doing outdoor activities, we are prone to skin ailments leading to skin itch.

Plant or Marine Allergies.Poison ivy is one of the most common plants causing the itch. Also, there are some individuals who are not aware that they are allergic to seafoods. Therefore causing an allergic skin reaction.

Medical Treatment.The itchy feeling can be a side effect of what medicine you are taking in. It is also observable for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Nerve Damage.If there is a nerve problem in your body, it can cause an itchy feeling. Skin rash would not be visible but itchy skin still occurs.

Hormonal Changes.It is evident mostly during pregnancy or the menopausal period.

Fungal Infections.This is a skin disease caused by a fungus. There are various species of fungi and they live on different surfaces, including your skin.

These are some of the reasons why you are getting irritated by itchy skin. But, the most effective thing to do is to consult medical assistance for further monitoring. If your skin problem is minimal, you can apply skin ointments that are proven safe and tested by health professionals. Here at Abundant Times, we are after your health concerns leading to your beautiful journey.

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