Top 5 Online Marketing Hacks of 2021

March 07, 2021 3 min read

You might be searching now for an idea on how to rank up in the marketing world, well don’t say I’m wrong because I know you’re probably obsessed about getting your business to grow continuously in the next few years. As online marketing trends change in time, new strategies and solutions are being discovered, and your competitors are surely taking the line. You might as well need to come up with some marketing hacks for you to take the lead. One good thing is that even if you are running a start-up business, you can still be on the top searches as long as you use the best strategies and tools that fit your brand. The wait is over. These are the marketing hacks that your competitors don’t dare to tell you. 

The Hacks

You have come to the most important part of this blog post. For sure, you are interested to know how your e-business will grow and be on the top. First, remember that it is alright to invest in working with a trusted marketing team to do these tricks so that everything in your promotional strategies will all go according to your plan. It’s better than leaving money on the table and receiving nothing. Take note of these five powerful hacks that will make your business life easier.

Be SEO Smart

Do you agree that search engine optimization is the most important part of online marketing? Yes, you should! If you want your website to be indexed on Google search, it’s really necessary to put SEO as top priority. SEO, like any other marketing hacks and tools, continues to develop as trends are changing. It is ethical for every business owner to know how to handle this stuff because this is what will bring them on top. But if you don’t wish to add workloads on your shoulder, you can  invest in an excellent team of SEO experts who will do the work for you. .

Video Marketing is the Trend

You will notice how videos appear from time to time. And it can be seen how people love to engage with this visual platform. Well, it’s no surprise that it now becomes a vital part of digital marketing. So, if a business starts to create informative content videos with some bits of promotions, it will surely gain thousands by hundreds of views which is good to increase brand awareness. 

Create a Blog

Everyone is always thirsty in knowledge and information. Hence, blogs are indeed great platforms for the promotion of your business. They give detailed information about a specific topic, so if you would put the information about your store there, people will get notified about your offers and services. For your ebusiness, you can focus more on blogs that discuss the best products and how-tos related to your services.


Familiar with AIDA? AIDA is something useful for marketing. This strategy is being used for a long time by many companies. Basically, it stands for Awareness, Interests, Decisions, and Actions. 

  • Awareness: Let people know your brand as well as the products and services you are offering. This is through any platforms of social media or any ecommerce site. 
  • Interest: Set the company’s categories and description so your platform will be easily reached by people with the same interests. Create catchy content to attract readers.
  • Decision: It’s time to sell your products and services to your target market. Make sure that you have the best content you could ever create because there is where the present market competition thrives.
  • Action: This is when your target market will decide whether or not they will buy your products.

Get Optimized

Another important thing is to get everything optimized. Like SEO, you will have to optimize your emails, blogs, website, videos, and other content marketing to reach a broader scope of audience.

Wrap Up

This is how online marketing works. It may seem an additional workload but it really helps. You don’t have to worry about getting a handful because there are real marketing experts out there that can get the tasks done for you. Abundant Times is the digital marketing partner you are looking for. We offer these marketing services to help your business gain abundant exposure because that’s how business wins nowadays. Your goals are our focus. Get to know us and let’s talk about your business. Visit our website or email See you and get ready for an abundant exposure!

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