Why Does Your Skin Fade?

October 26, 2021 2 min read

Have you noticed some irregular discolorations on your skin? Does it worry you a lot? Surely, it is quite bothering to see uneven skin tone. This scenario is a common problem resulting from different potential causes. Some of the reasons for skin discoloration are injury, disease, and inflammatory disorders. Skin fade can affect your self-esteem, most especially if you consider it as your biggest asset. In this blog, you will know why does your skin fade.

Normal skin contains melanocytes. Melanocyte is a cell in the eyes and skin that produces melanin. It is a substance that gives the skin its color. Thus, melanin is responsible for producing a variety of skin tones. Different skin classifications are depending on the level of melanin content. 

           Hyperpigmented -It occurs when the skin contains too much melanin.

           Hypopigmented -when the skin contains too little amount of melanin. 

           Depigmented -when the skin contains no melanin at all       

 Here are some of the skin disorders causing skin fade:

  • albinism
  • melasma
  • pigment loss after skin damage
  • vitiligo 

If you are experiencing skin itching caused by allergic reactions from foods, plants, or irritants can also lead to skin fade. The use of different skin care products can also be the reason why skin fade occurs. You would want to use products that will yield the best results for your skin and not worsen it. Watch out for your skin care routine and assess yourself if it also affects your skin color. Eliminate those products that are causing harm or unpleasant appearance on your skin. 

Taking care of your skin might be a good way of treating yourself. Doing your daily activities might be stressful and sometimes, you neglect to give it proper attention. That is why skin disorders are coming out. At Abundant Times, we are here to help you figure things out about your skin. Love yourself, love your skin. 

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